Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Visit to a Winery

We live very close to the wine country here in Temecula, California. In fact, we have many of the workers from the wineries as customers in our Taco Shop, even a number of the owners come in to eat. On the way home today, I stopped at the Robert Renzoni Winery to shoot some pictures of the emerging vines and the landscape around the vines. There was no "wine tasting", at least not today. There is something very pacific about walking among the vines, something that soothes the soul. It was overcast, and a bit cool, but nonetheless I shot a number of photos of vines, flowers, rows of vines against the surrounding landscape of hills.

I got to thinking about the vines and how they grow, and what there purpose was. Obviously, their purpose is to be crushed, processed and fermented into wine; reds, whites and roses. Then to be enjoyed among friends and family at the dinner table, or between lovers sitting in front of a fireplace during a rainstorm, and some wine is used for a different kind of dinner, a different kind of feast. Some wine is used by local churches in their celebrations, the Catholic Church uses certain types of wine for their Masses.

Wine; fruit of the earth, brought to its current state by human hands,in the Mass, becomes the Blood of Christ for us to drink and thus recall what Jesus told his Apostles that when ever we eat this bread and drink this cup, we remember Jesus and His sacrifice for our sins.