Thursday, September 10, 2015

Stephanie's Story Part II

A couple of weeks ago, I shared the story of a young woman who came to our country in search of refuge from the violence in her home country. I would like to share some of her story of how she came into our family.

The way that our son and his wife met is something out of a movie. Raymond had gone to Texas to visit a couple of his cousins, whom he hadn't seen in quite a while and decided that May was as good a time as any to go to Texas (at least he didn't think August would be a good time). On his trip home, he was in line at the airport to get his boarding pass and he noticed a young lady having difficulty explaining herself to the ticket agent. She was speaking in Spanish and the agent wasn't (how it is in Texas, they don't have bilingual agents at an International Airport is beyond me). Our son, being the gentleman we raised him to be, stepped in and offered to be an interpreter for Stephanie.

Once the boarding passes were in hand, they went to the gate to wait and wait and wait, apparently the flight was delayed. So they started talking, getting to know one another, as it were. Raymond later told me that it was if they had known each other for a long long time. When they finally boarded, Stephanie was seated a couple of rows in front of where Raymond was seated. When he saw that no one was sitting next to Stephanie, he wasted no time in asking if he could sit next to her for the flight from Houston to Los Angeles. She said yes, of course.

Once in Los Angeles, Raymond and Stephanie exchanged phone numbers and each went their own ways, Stephanie to her Uncle's house in LA, and Raymond to Riverside County. Now, Raymond hasn't given me all the details, but apparently he immediately started to call Stephanie to see if she would want to go out. She played coy, wanting to see if Raymond was going to be insistent in his calling. He was, she finally said she would go out with him. The banda was just starting to warm up....