Thursday, March 15, 2012

My First Reflection at Communion Service

So today, I was able to deliver my first reflection at our Communion Service at Church this morning. The readings were from Jeremiah and the Gospel according to Luke. The theme of the readings was that of fidelity to the Lord, and how we lose that fidelity sometimes, but God is always calling us back to Holiness.

This is part of my training for becoming a deacon. We are allowed to bring a reflection on the readings, at a non-Mass service, such as a Communion Service. It's called a reflection, but it's very close to a "homily", but we can't call it that (wink wink).

The view from behind the altar while serving is something I am still getting used to. At first, I thought I would be too self conscience about what I was doing, or not doing, but as time passed in the first Mass, I started losing myself in the mystery of the Mass itself. Now it is a balancing act in that I need to be very aware of the movement of the priests, deacons, readers, etc. but still I am overjoyed by being part of the Mass, if only assisting at this time.

I look out upon the parishioners, and  I see a multitude of different faces, each filled with a different expression, each there for different reasons, yet all faces are the same face (the face of Christ) and all are there for the same reasons (to worship Christ). I hope to be able to have the view from behind the altar for many years to come. I pray for the grace and wisdom to be able to help and lead those who are seeking Christ. I pray for humbleness (with my family, it's pretty easy....they keep me humble :-0), and I thank God for calling me into this vocation of the diaconate.

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