Friday, July 4, 2014

Follow Up To The Murrieta Standoff

Martha and I decided to go to the Border Station in Murrieta today July 4, 2014, to receive the undocumented minors when they arrive. Well, we were there from 3 until about 9:30 and no buses, so we came home. That does not mean that nothing of importance took place, just the opposite. I learned a lesson today about prejudice and bigotry, fear and hate.

We took a couple of cases of water in order to share with whomever wanted it. The temperature reached into the 90's with a good dose of humidity, so water was a welcomed gift.... to some. I went to a corner where a number of people had gathered, "Anglos" on one side, and those whom I first thought were "Latinos" on the other. I approached the Latino people first, offered them water and to my surprise, only one guy accepted. One of the girls looked at me like I had three heads! She told me in no uncertain terms that she didn't want anything from me because she knew what MY people did to HER people, historically; I realized that I had stumbled upon a group of Native American Activists. This girl was full of hate, real hate; the kind that if she would have had a gun, I would not be typing this now. UPDATE (now three days later, I came up with the perfect retort to her accusation. I should have said, "MY people? My Paternal Grandmother was 1/2 Cherokee, so I really don't know what you are saying." but I have never been quick on the retort).

Across the street, I offer water to the "Anglos"; they accept and thanked me, then asked me where I stood on this issue. I told them I was on the side of justice, God's justice and that this is a humanitarian crisis and if they are requesting asylum, they should get it. And then I get blasted from this side too! One woman told me that Jesus wants us to obey the law; I did not want to get into a confrontation because two men had already been arrested for fighting with police on this street corner. I did think it curious that Jesus would want us to obey the law, when his entire ministry was breaking the law to show that the law was not going to save mankind. But I did not want to get into a Theological debate with a person who was absolutely right in everything she thought.

We drove back down to the main street and then up the other side street to get closer to the Border Station. The two groups were a bit more civil to each other, but there were more shouting matches. I got into a discussion with one woman who I think really wanted to engage in a civil talk, but a woman who "interviewed" me last night showed up and started up again with her "open borders" tirade, claiming that I said that the Church is in favor of open borders (she called me an old school liberal!) I was upset because she had it on her camera that I said the exact opposite and she still wanted to put words into my mouth. I moved away because I chose not to engage with her. You cannot talk with a person if they have already made up their minds as to what you position is.

A good thing happened when we ran into Lupillo Rivera, a well known Mexican singer (born in Long Beach, Ca.) who had just delivered over 100 In-n-Out burgers for the people who were there, on either side of debate. That is a class act. Martha was interviewed by a local TV station and made the 11 clock news. There is still a lot of work to do, but with prayer and elbow grease, we can turn this situation around.

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