Saturday, December 3, 2016

Stephanie's Story: Part 3

It's been a while since I shared about the young lady from El Salvador who came undocumented into the United States seeking refuge from violence in her country. In the last installment of this story, our son had started calling her and carrying on long conversations over the phone. They lived about 60 miles apart, he in Riverside County and she, in Los Angeles County. The love blossomed, they started courting and as young love often does, they decided to marry.

Usually, when one hears about an undocumented immigrant marries a citizen of this country, there is a credibility issue. Accusations of "convenience" is bantered about because of the history in this country of such things actually happening. This was not the case with Stephanie, that I can guarantee.

They married in Vegas (civilly) and then married in the Catholic Church in December of last year. I am happy to say they became pregnant a month or so after their marriage in Vegas and as of May of 2016, we are proud grandparents.

We are now closing in on their first anniversary of being married in the Church and our grandson is 6 months old and a joy to take care of. He makes us laugh with his antics and facial expressions, and I believe he will run before he is able to crawl.

Stephanie's story is far from over, in reality, it is just beginning. She has permission to be here, US government issued ID and such, but her objective is Resident Alien then perhaps US citizen. Pray for her as she, Raymond and Christopher travel this incredible journey of love and family together.

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